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You did just run a small project with no looming deadline. In case the software house fails to deliver proper results, the consequences will not be severe.

Laurel is a linguist, strategist, and co-founder of Catchword. Her love of language began with a BA in Linguistics at Rutgers University and continued in graduate school at UC Berkeley, where she specialized in both sociolinguistics and phonetics. She enjoys the challenge of working out strategy and architecture issues with repeat clients like Cisco, Plantronics, Corning, and Keysight. Maria has created names for Starbucks, Fitbit, Wells Fargo, Unilever, Intel, and hundreds of others, causing her to wonder whether the Guinness Book has a “most prolific namer” category.

  • Bold Entity utilizes proven growth strategies and a bevy of best-in-class services to achieve profitable results for brands with big goals in mind.
  • is a designer and developer of exceptional digital experiences for businesses at any stage of growth, including startups and international organizations alike.
  • The agency also offers strategic marketing plans, digital marketing and brand experience solutions to achieve growth in any industry.
  • Traditional branding agency capabilities including logo design, brand messaging, and corporate identity creation are available from Bold Entity.
  • Branding services from the agency include logo design, corporate branding, custom graphics and video animations.

When your work includes the Super Bowl halftime show, The Voice, and Paul McCartney, expectations and quality of work are at an all time high. See how we stood on the shoulders of tech titans to elevate the view of our hometown’s technology ecosystem. Create the customer experience platform of your dreams, powered by HubSpot.

We’ve found 12 tactics that work together to see month-over-month growth in organic traffic from Google. That might excite the board of directors, but they’ll be excited up until the day you close down the business. And they’ll be on to their next company to try and run it into the ground, hoping to find that “unicorn” lottery ticket of a company that gets lucky. The problem is, this fallacy kills too many brands before they get to scale. It is important for global brands to take note that color associations can vary according to culture.

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Do they want deep relationships with their vendors or convenience? By understanding your ideal buyer’s pain points and priorities, you can formulate a relevant identity. Together, these five components create the look, feel, and tone of your company to the outside world. Brand identity is also not the same as visual brand identity, even though marketers sometimes confuse the two. Without a comprehensive, well-defined brand identity, your audience might not understand who you are. And, if they don’t understand who you are, they are never going to promote you. Your brand identity needs to be something they identify with.

Developing a consistent outward expression is crucial to generating the perception that the brand needs. Whereas brand identity is the brand’s outward expression, brand image is how the target audience perceives the brand.

Otherwise, you’re just another name in the phone book, so to speak. Defining a brand identity isn’t a “fluffy” exercise with little measurable returns. They have delivered an outstanding brand overhaul for our company with exceptional service under extreme time constraints.

Atlas reinforces the vehicle’s size and strength and implies a titan among SUVs. A software company founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and programming whiz Justin Rosenstein is clearly not ordinary. Asana, a Sanskrit word conveying “yoga pose,” reflects the founders’ love of yoga and their quest for focus, flow, and clarity—an apt name for a workplace productivity platform. In addition, the names would need to fit comfortably tech branding agency within a larger portfolio of related products and still telegraph each product’s distinguishing features. Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity. Pattern’s experiment is one that every agency with product ambitions of its own will be watching closely. After working for the likes of Everlane, Warby Parker, Bonobos, and more, Gin Lane is making a branding bet on itself.

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Visual identity is crucial for businesses because the brand image is based on it. One of the hardest and most important tasks for any marketer today is to make audiences develop a brand image that conforms to the identity. After you’ve decided on a name, the agency will meet with you to learn more about your business vision. The team will then do research and sketch out several concepts along with an initial draft for a couple of them.

While your positioning statement may say one thing about your values and strengths, truly demonstrating them is another matter. In this 78-page guide, you will find the definitions of terms such as brand, branding and marketing. You will learn how to apply 12 strategic brand tools and their worksheets. This DIY toolkit allows you to build the foundation of your own brand in a way that is practical, tactical and future-proof. “Yura Agency acted as our internal marketing department during a very intense launch program. They quickly executed on our short-term business objectives while never losing sight that we are building a brand for the long-term.”

It enables decorative lighting to be embedded where bulky lighting elements cannot fit. Fibrance, a coining of fiber and vibrance, quickly telegraphs these attributes. When VW called on Catchword to name their sturdy 7-seat SUV, we worked with their US, German, and Chinese teams to explore a broad range of themes and develop over 2500 name candidates. The global nature of the project meant we carried out linguistic and cultural screening in 19 languages, including Min Nan and Kejia Chinese.

For Fitbit’s entry-level device, Zip was in the zone, followed by One, which unifies data on exercise, calories burned, and sleep. Next came Flex, Fitbit’s first wristband, and finally Force, a fitness wristband to be reckoned with. All single syllable, all evocative, and all tied together by a common construction—a naming convention was born.

If a brand comes out poorly, inordinate amounts of time and money will be wasted. A branding expert is a person who ensures that every step taken while creating a brand is both professionally planned and executed. Understanding is related to recognition — it is how the person who sees the brand makes a deeper, emotional sense of the company or product.

Brand identity asset management requires a long-term commitment from company owners to building and maintaining the brand. For a brand to succeed, it must be monitored and given consistent input over a long time. This type of maintenance is crucial for the success of a brand. Once you settle all the questions, you should sign the contract and make the deposit needed for the digital marketing agency to get started. This is the point at which agencies focus on creating a design brief.

Soluna seeks to solve this problem by creating the first blockchain company powered by its own private sustainable energy sources. A coinage of sol and luna (“sun” and “moon” in Latin), Soluna evokes human aspiration at its most fundamental—looking up at the great light in the sky. The name recalls “solution” as well as “una” , suggesting the company’s all-in-one energy production and computer processing solution. Soluna has been recognized with both a Transform Award and a Hermes Creative Award for Excellence in Brand Naming. The margin for error was slim with these wireless fitness trackers. Successful names would have to be short enough to fit on the small devices, and match the snappiness of the mother brand. In addition, the names would need to fit within a larger portfolio of related products and still telegraph each product’s distinguishing features.

Her creative juices are also fired up as lead singer of a local cover band, Highway 13. Maria spent much of her youth in Asia as a foreign-service brat and speaks fluent Mandarin. We provide every strategic and creative service needed for brand naming success. Blockchain mining needs huge amounts of energy, which has led to an increase in damaging fossil fuel consumption.

Whole Foods is one of the most visible and well-known organic grocery chains. Their difference is communicated clearly in the brand’s logo, which is green and includes a leaf.

For example, when one sees the Nike Swoosh there’s an immediate emotional understanding of the company — competition, athleticism, and winning. This understanding plays a role in emotionally connecting people to the brand. With Nike, if someone recognizes athleticism in the Nike swoosh, then those who desire to be more athletic will be drawn to the brand and purchase the product.

We’re a great fit for mid-market businesses that are looking to grow. The traditional lines between technology and management consulting are blurring.

And consulting firms of all sizes are trying to keep up, broadening the scope of their offering to meet the increasing demand for technology solutions and services. It’s been a recurring theme in almost every one of our conversations with B2B companies looking to refresh their brands. From the CMO to the CEO, B2B executives have been laser-focused on building brands that convey innovation. Simply put, brand behavior is how your brand interacts and reacts with real customers in the real marketplace.

This communication is essential for creating brands that maintain fidelity to the original vision of a client. Unlike an illustrator or designer, a branding expert is a person who understands the ins and outs of the entire branding process. Because branding is a delicate, time consuming, and expensive undertaking, it must be done precisely and accurately the first time around.

Whether B2B or B2C at the core, all brands need to reflect inward. We have become really good at increasing organic traffic for our clients – better than a lot of other agencies we’ve talked to.

Blue’s perception in the U.S. may be drastically different than in the Middle East. Whether or not your organization has put effort into defining a brand identity in the past, you have some identity if you have an online presence. It may not be cohesive or well-defined, but you have an identity in some form. Use this “trust factor” as an important tool for defining why your brand is different, and building an appealing brand identity.

You will be welcome to participate in this process — and you definitely should — to get the most suitable results. Make sure to find out how many revisions are included in the package and how much each new change above this allotted amount would cost. Last but not least, a branding expert is also a master of communication. Throughout the branding process, the branding expert communicates ideas and visions with the client and is also able to explain clearly and directly what works and what doesn’t.

Grow Smarter with operations-based strategies for marketing, sales, and customer success. Whether you’re naming a product or company, we’ve got resources to help you. “The team is supportive of goals and mindful of critical timelines. Future clients can expect timely solutions and a professional engagement. We are very pleased with their work.” Despite being born and raised in New Jersey, Laurel speaks excellent English, and has studied French, German, Japanese, and ASL. She is an active member of the American Name Society and the Linguistic Society of America, and has served as an expert witness on naming and branding issues.

Another thing – they do not only excel when it comes to the technical stuff, but they also know a lot about the design. It’s a well-functioning mixture of programmers and designers, and they can deliver within each of the fields in an equally satisfying way. Insane Lab remained professional throughout the time we worked together. They adapted to our needs and provided us with the necessary information and solutions in areas that we do not specialize in”, Tomasz adds. If done right, it is a win-win relationship model for both the marketing and the software agency. Listen to the ones who actually brag about our cooperation. Every day, we are helping marketing firms with global reach to help them successfully bring the Digital Transformation to their clients.

The agency can email it to you as a separate document, or they can make it using Typeform or Google Form. After a successful initial meeting, many agencies prefer to sit down with their teams and sort out what exactly they’ve learned about their client and the project before presenting a final offer. Choose two agencies with the best proposals and make your pitch. The one you ultimately see eye to eye with is the perfect brand company match and the one you want to go with. Out of everything related to branding and brand identity, consistency is the most critical part of all.

Totally understandable, but our ads are minimal, always relevant, and a great help for supporting our ongoing efforts to narrate a quality discussion around branding. In a time of crisis, being human-first isn’t a luxury, but a requirement.