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If you’re looking for ways to update your brand and make sure that it stays relevant, focusing on your visual content marketing strategy is a great place to start. “With CPG, a lot of the products are designed to solve non-glamorous problems, such as toilet paper, baby diapers, detergents, right? So, some really good marketing that we see published year-to-date by consumer packaged goods brands is related to the reality of the situation. It’s an embrace of imperfections, especially in the moments where the products are probably used,” she explains.

Inviting a blend of micro-influencers to your brand experiences may be a solid way to gain traction in both worlds. And of course, getting participants to tell their own moms, daughters, friends about the product is a definite win. Haugaard Creative is a Chicago-based, full-service design agency specializing in the areas of visual identity, graphic packaging, marketing asset design and more. From initial strategy and brand development to artwork production and prototyping, Haugaard Creative’s time-tested design process ensures the best results to fit the needs of their clientele’s target market. Consumer packaged goods brands and retail stores have the same goals, to drive sales from consumers whether its walking into a store or seeing your product online to purchase products. Food industry marketing expertise—from retail to food service and food-service equipment— is a natural outcome of having deep knowledge in every facet of a business’ operation.

Late last year, Skyword merged with TrackMaven and, in turn, Skyword’s Center for Excellence in Data and Insights was born. In her role, Kotsikopoulos analyzes both the data collected by the company’s content marketing platform and analytics software to advise clients on how to improve their digital footprint. One aspect of this includes tracking industry-level trends, such as those which are emerging in the consumer packaged goods space. While consumer packaged goods have usually been sold in traditional physical spaces, consumers are turning to online retailers more and more every year. Purchasing goods by simply pointing and clicking is easier than making a trip to the store, and consumers can receive a text message or email confirmations that their delivery is on the way.

Because of this, the CPG market and its niche industries within are extremely competitive when it comes to advertising space. CPG marketing needs special care from publishing professionals like Gourmet Ads to make a dent in the plethora of online ads that are out there. In order to build that bond, a customer must see your ads and CPGs multiple times. This is easy to do on social media because of the frequency in which people use it. A study conducted by the Pew Research center found that 55% of Facebook users visit the site multiple times a day while 23% of Twitter users and 35% Instagram users login more than once a day.

Moms also login to Facebook about 10 times a day and make up a large part of the audience for Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites. If you want to target mothers or many other groups, social media marketing can offer you the right audience. If you use the social site’s advertising platform, it will give you the ability to tune your e-commerce digital targeting very well. Besides CPG marketing agency organic search, CPG manufacturers have spent millions of dollars on paid search marketing, according toSearch Engine Land. One standard tactic consists of promoting useful content related to their brands. For instance, a packaged food manufacturer might create simple recipes that feature their products. Colgate found success by producing oral health information that related to diabetes.

Good social media connection creates brand-consumer relationships. Everyone in a CPG brand’s organization from the CEO down can use this to their advantage. Let followers hear from real people in your company in their voice, and interact directly (with some clear marketing guidelines and content checks and balances to ensure messages are appropriate and on-brand). This personalization can do wonders to grow brand-consumer relationships that lead to loyalty, referrals, and even more UGC. Site visitors can buy directly or search for stores nearby that sell the same products.

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Your experiential marketing strategy should also think about the feel-good moments your audience has when using the product. Because CPG products are consumable, the brand experience cannot be a one-off event. Commit to improving your relevance at every touch point – and beyond.

  • This comprehensive resource includes the best practices for each platform and a rundown of specifications for a post.
  • While women are usually the buyers for the household, men are shopping more and are more likely to go for the best deal than remain loyal to a brand.
  • The social media team at our CPG digital marketing agency designed this guide to help you create engaging and interesting content that drives the demand for your products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Most retail stores and restaurants have been forced to temporarily shutter, driving consumers online.
  • Products that consumers would normally grab at a drug store are now being ordered online.

Brand awareness through CPG marketing online is now a critical move to make. Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing and Advertising are extremely important because pretty much every consumer around uses consumer packaged goods on a regular basis. Everyone consumes food daily and uses daily cleaning or body care products, at the very least.

While they were logged in, social media users sought information and interaction from news sources and brands. For social sites, experiment with a variety of advertising formats and posts. Videos and graphics tend to capture attention, but you may also want to use text sometimes for testimonials, ingredients, or other useful content. Try to showcase your brand’s personality, and certainly, respond to customers when they post questions or comments about your products, ads, or posts.

Among many other measures, ICUC can provide your CPG business with activity reporting, influencer identification, and campaign performance analysis on a global scale. These digital data insights will increase ROI and generate new leads for your business. Once formed, the purchasing habits of consumers are nearly impossible to mold or break. Social media is no longer an optional marketing effort in the CPG sector; if your business is not already executing a digital marketing strategy today, you’ve fallen behind.

Just as it’s important to leverage good product placement in stores, you can use search engine marketing to put your brands directly in front of customers. Both for paid and organic SEM marketing for consumer goods, you need to make certain that you rise to the top for the sorts of terms that searchers are likely to use for products like yours. Agencies typically forge links between manufacturers and grocery stores.

Technology is starting to become the sole way consumer packaged goods are sold. Meal memberships, food delivery services like Amazon Prime, and variety snack boxes are becoming more popular and a majority of these services and products are being advertised online.

Lately, agencies are also reaching out to other retail formats including convenience stores and drug stores. The goal of these business relationships is primarily to sell more product. But agencies can encounter problems when retailers want to sell more of their own private label product. Everyone agrees that consumers are watching their budgets more closely than ever before. Agencies are playing a key role in cutting costs for CPG vendors and in improving the relationship between retailers and marketers. Going forward, vendor use of outside agencies is expected to grow.

Recent research shows that in-person word-of-mouth is much stronger than digital word-of-mouth when it comes to CPG marketing. A heavy social media-driven influencer program can certainly be an important way for you to raise brand awareness. Yet, brand experiences can boost the word-of-mouth marketing you’ll need to support those influencer posts.

SMM marketing also lets you target specific demographics that reflect your buyer persona. For instance, mothers drive a good share of consumer packaged good spending.

We followed up with search marketing and search engine optimization, creating an influx of new user traffic. Celebrity endorsement and public relations-focused event programs opened new avenues for engaging the healthy lifestyle consumer. Marketing featuring street team sampling, out-of-home, digital media buys, and influencer marketing continue to propel the message. In today’s digital world, strong visual messaging can be a key differentiating factor in whether or not a CPG brand stands out or simply gets lost in scroll. And the winning trends we’re seeing favor more authentic messaging that’s focused on the consumer’s experience, and stylized in a way that promotes shareable moments on social. Most importantly, they’re flexible and adapt to the fast-paced changes in the market.

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Consumer packaged goods is an industry term for merchandise that customers use up and replace frequently. Examples of consumer packaged goods include food, beverages, cosmetics, and cleaning products. … Because shelf space is a finite commodity, theCPG market is highly competitive. One other big way CPG brands can make an impact on the category is by creating a personalized web experience. DBC’s marketing and brand communications campaigns and programs are developed and guided by research, consumer insights of emerging trends, new technology, new social networks and cultural developments. We deliver research-based, content-driven, multichannel consumer marketing campaigns that reach your target audiences across their social media network of choice, cultures, lifestyles, and interests. Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Stores put the brand’s products on the map.